Friday, October 24, 2008

Monkeying Around

We took the kids to the zoo a few days ago. It was Jillian's first time, and she had a blast! She LOVES elephants right now, so she especially loved watching them. Cayson's favorite was probably the penguins, and Christian's was the snakes. We had a good day. It was nice to get out and enjoy this fall weather.


Our basment no longer has cold, cement floors!! The carpet was put down about a week ago, an we love it!!! I love how all the colors came together, too. I was a bit worried about that. The carpet guy made me feel better when he asked Shawn if he had a designer who picked out our colors because they were so different, and he really liked them.
We have had a lot of fun playing downstairs this last week. We don't have much of anthing down there yet, so it is just a big play area for the kids. Our upstairs is small and pretty cramped right now, so Jillian especially loves all the open space. She just dashed around that first day saying, "Run, Run, Run, Run!" It was really cute.
We still have lots of work to get the boys moved down. We are trying to declutter their rooms upstairs and talk them into getting rid of a bunch of stuff. We are going to go buy some closet organizers and blinds tonight, and the boys are also getting new mattresses. I'll post some more pics when it finally all comes together.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy 36th Birthday Shawn!!!
(I know he'll be so pleased that I added his age)

Gardner Village

Last night we took the kids to Gardner Village. We had a great time. Jillian and Cayson went on a pony ride, and then we went to their petting zoo. I thought Jillian would be nervous and clingy, but she wanted down to play with the animals. She was so cute!
After that, we walked around the shops and went on a "Witch Hunt". We had to search for a list of different witches they had around the Village. After we found all the witches, the boys turned in their paper and got a chocolate chip cookie from the bakery.
The boys would tell you that their favorite part was going to Sweet Aftons and each getting $5.00 to spend however they wanted. It was fun watching them go throughout the store adding things up and trying to figure how they wanted to spend their money. When Cayson was done and said he was up to $4.95, Christian pointed out a $.05 Jolly Rancher to him. Never let five cents go wasted!
Anyway, it was a fun start to the season!


Okay, so my decorations might not necessarily be "Spooky", but we still had lots of fun doing it! I was so excited to get out my decorations this year. I thought we could all do it together and that the boys would have fun too, but I was pretty much abandoned to do it myself. Oh well, I still had fun! Anyone else decorate?