Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's in a color?

SERIOUSLY, why is choosing paint so stressful for me!!!
I decided I wanted something different. Upstairs has no color, mostly because I was afraid of doing something I would regret, so I want color downstairs!
After deciding I wanted green, I couldn't decide which green. UGH!
Finally, after months of trying to choose, we bought our paint last night!! No turning back now!
We decided on sage greens. One wall will be a darker green, while the rest of the living room and hallway will be half lighter green and brown.
Christian, of course, is going all green. Did you expect anything different? He also wanted green ceilings, green carpet, green light switches - you name it he wanted it - but green walls and a green bedspread is where the green ends. He's happy, though. When we showed him the green swatch we were thinking of, he said "That'll do."
Cayson's walls will be brown three quarters of the way up, a sports border, then blue paint the rest of the way up. He wanted all blue, but with blue furniture, we had to break it to him that his room would look like a big blueberry if we did that. He was also hoping we could spray paint his carpet blue, so it would look "icy".
I sure hope they get their decorating abilities from Shawn....

So pretty!

What a little princess I have on my hands! Jillian loves us to tell her she's "Soooo pretty".

She has a little container full on hair clips, and she brought it to me and wanted me to put them all in her hair while I, of course, told her how beautiful she was. As I put each one in, she would go "Ohhhhhhhh", then headed off towards the mirror to get a look at herself.

Our basement...

We are so excited to FINALLY be finishing our basement. We are so cramped and cluttered right now, and it's so frustrating. Jillian is still in our bedroom with us, along with my office, so it's pretty much wall-to-wall everything! Not to mention toys in the living room, and kitchen, and hallway.... I have to keep reminding myself how grateful I was to build this house 7 1/2 years ago - WOW! Has it really been that long? - It's small, but it's ours! We have so many memories of raising our boys here and bringing Jillian home from the hospital. We know without a doubt that we were led here. The people around us have truly blessed and changed our lives, and moving to a bigger house could never replace that. So, finishing our basement is the next best thing!
The boys are each getting a new room downstairs, and we also are finishing a family/play room! It will double our living space! We won't feel like we're on top of each other anymore. Jillian will then move into Cayson's room, and my office will move to Christian's room. Finishing the laundry room and bathroom isn't in the cards right now, but we're hoping to do that in the next year or so. We should be ready to paint by the end of the week! I'll post pics later.
I just need to remind myself to be grateful for what I have and not think about what I don't. We are truly blessed!

Here goes nothing....

Okay, so I am officially a "Blogger" now! Not that I'm not busy enough already - running after a one-year-old, keeping the boys busy on summer vacation, cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floor, changing diapers, stopping fights, running to Wal-mart, editing, picking out paint for walls, meetings, church responsibilities, sanding & painting the boys' new furniture, making phone calls, taking pictures for Christian's summer scrapbook, cooking dinner, picking up toys, more editing, 20 trips to Lowe's, scouts, did I mention picking up toys? - but now I am going to add one more thing to my list. I must be crazy! Actually, I hope this will be relaxing for me and give me a creative outlet, not to mention that journaling our everyday moments will make me happy.

Let the Blogging begin!