Friday, November 14, 2008

" I Love Case Case"

I have been trying to teach Jillian how to say, "I love you." Or better yet, "I love Mom."
She's either uninterested or just gets silly, and she won't say it. Well, last night we were in the car, when I was once again trying to get her to declare her love for me, when she snuggled up to Cayson and said, "I love Case Case." It was so sweet! Of course, Cayson loved that she said it to him first. He was quite pleased with himself. She hasn't said it since, but it just melted my heart. It was drawn out like. "IIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLooooooooooooovvvvee Case Case."


Bets said...

Oh how very precious!

Singhappy2 said...

I loved how she said my name in Utah. Daaa nah!